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Friday, March 25, 2011

FORBIDDEN WOOKIEE - Chewbacca with Subtitles

About ten years ago I decided to try my hand at picture editing. Never having done it before I wanted to do something that would be fun and challenging. I bought a copy of Adobe Premiere 5, yes that's right, I actually bought it (just like every version on FCP since), and set out to cutting away. My project of choice: cut the original Star Wars Trilogy down to tell just the story of Chewbacca, and as a matter of personal amusement, I added subtitles to translate every grunt and growl that Chewie makes. It turned out to be a few weeks of work, and at the time, DVD was not an easy thing to make. So out to VHS it went, and I didn't even keep a copy for myself. The only copy I still have is this tiny 340x280 web 1.0 version that was too big to upload - until now. A few weeks ago, YouTube sent me an email telling me that I was now free to post videos longer than 15 minutes. And so here you have them. Enjoy:

In the time in between, I've edited 9 feature films, and countless other smaller projects. Thanks to Lucasfilm and Adobe for getting me started.

Update:  you are too late.  YouTube and Fox made me take them down.  If you want to see them, email me. 

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