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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pizza Stage Three - Baliwood Pizza

Once again, I have offended the entire East Coast, but being a Jersey Boy, all I can say is 'Suck it.' Once again, this will be RIPE with plenty of cheats for the purist to vomit at. Get over it. I have other shit to do today.
Today I made a pizza that has been swimming around in my head ever since I picked up a bag on wheat flour from my local Indian Grocery Store. (having been Imperialized by the English for a time, they
have a really interesting mix of things, I recommenced a visit) For this pizza, I start with a once again 'screwed with' version of my perfect crust: this time I substitute 4/9th's of the flour with the wacky flour from the Indian Grocery store.

Chicken: For this I use about three boneless chicken breasts. In a saute pan, I put oil, the chicken, and heat. once it starts popping, I take a warm cup of water and add salt, pepper, a bit of Louisiana hot sauce, and garlic powder. Cover. in 10-15 minutes, I use my kitchen scissors (what - seriously, you don't have kitchen scissors? Ok, I can't help you here. Get them, love them, figure them out, and come back later) and cut the chicken into little sub-one inch bits. I let that coomm in until the water is pretty much gone. Then I add some more oil and some Garam Marsala and Yellow Curry powder (yes, looks like you're gonna really need to make that trip to the Indian grocery now). That'll cook for a few more minutes, let the curry marsala do it's thing.
Spinach: Ok , I love spinach. fresh, frozen, whatever. In another grand cheat, I will use frozen chopped spinach. In a MW safe bowl, I put about 2 cups of spinach with 6oz of plain yogurt, salt, and yellow curry. I nuke the living shit out of that in 2 minute steps, stirring it inbetween, until it's all cooked together and the mixture is thickened (yes, please do this o the stovetop - I was jut feeling particuarly lazy about it today).
Putting it together:
Super cheat No. 3: Trader Joe's Curry Marsala Simmer. Shut up. It's fine. Just get over it.
Spread the TJ's simmer sauce like you would normally. then the chicken, and the spinach. On top, I toss on a bit of Mozzarella cheese, just to keep it real. This one is probably best served with a rich white wine - Chardonnay probably. I'll have it with some scotch though. No accounting for taste.

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